[OUT] Defender Tournament

On Saturday October 15, 2011 the Shire of Aarquelle will be hosting its annual Defender Tournament to determine who will hold the honor and responsibility of the Aarquelle Defender titles for the coming year.

Everyone may participate in the tourneys and compete for the overall prizes, but the Defender titles will only go to the highest ranking competitors from Aarquelle.

Site Fees:
$3 per person for members
$8 per person for non-members

Site Times:
The site opens at 9 am and goes until tourneys are finished. After revel times will be announced on site.

- Heavy Defender tourney is a bear-pit style and begins at 10 am.
- Archery Defender tourney will begin after the conclusion of the heavy tournament.

-Light Defender tourney will be held after we have concluded the archery shoot.

Some really nice prizes will be awarded to the overall victors of each tournament, and don't forget - those overall prizes aren't restricted to entrants from Aarquelle. They're for anyone who wins the tournaments!

After the fighting, shooting and award giving has concluded, we encourage you to join us for an Oktoberfest-themed potluck! Beer food and fun for everyone! Well okay, you don't get to drink the beer if you're too young...

Both the fighting and revelry sites are wet.
Portable bathrooms on site, but no public water so BRING WATER. Note: this site does have water, but at the discretion of the landowner only.

Pets are allowed as long as they are on a leash

Directions to each site are as follows:

The Tourney Site (coming from I-25 both north and south)
        Take I-25 to Exit 74, CO-165, Colorado City/Rye turn east (Right turn from the south, Left turn if coming from the north.)
         Go 0.2 miles and turn right onto Abbey Rd/ CR=345
         Go 4.4 miles then take a right onto Cedarwoon Rd/CR-342
         The destination will be on the left after you have crossed the first bridge. The address is 6387 Cedarwood RD, Rye Co 81069

To the Revelry Site: (directions are from fighting field)
        Start going west on Cedarwoor Rd. (left, right or straight ahead here?)
        Turn Left onto Abbey Rd Go approx 4.4 miles
        Turn Left onto CO-165 Go 2.4 miles
        Turn Left onto South Parkway

Address of destination is 7 South Parkway, Colorado City, CO 81019