House Blacksword Offers Ealdormere Citizens Pennsic Challenge

Isabella Vanicelle, Deputy Commissar for the Ealdormere Commissariat, has announced a fundraiser challenge to raise money for the kingdom's program which offers support for fighters. Isabella Vanicelle writes:

Greetings all on behalf of the Commissar!

With Pennsic on the horizon, the time has come for the Commissar and her staff to consider giving refreshment to Ealdormere's troops and those of our most noble Allies during the heat of August. Upon looking into our purse it was noticed that a few more coins will be required to provide for our troops and loyal supporters when we head to war south of the border.

Thus, a Challenge has been declared to all households and individuals within the Kingdom of Ealdormere from House Blacksword... Lothar the Gregarious, leader of the Blackswords both on and off the field challenges the fighting households of the Kingdom specifically, and all others by association, to do the following:

The Blackswords have put forth a donation of $50.00 to the running of the Commissariat at war. They challenge all other households to either match or exceed this donation. If the donation is exceeded by any other households, the Blackswords will match the highest donation. The official Challenge begins today, and will end just before Court at Ealdormere War Practice.

Donations will be accepted at every event between now and then by the Commissar or her staff, and the tallies will be announced in Court at Ealdormere War Practice with their Majesties permission.

If you have any questions about this challenge, please feel free to conact me for more information.

Yours in Service to Ealdormere,

Deputy Commissar

The Ealdormere Commissariat supports the kingdom's fighters, fencers and archers in a number of ways including:

* Provide fresh filtered water for Ealdormere (and the rest of the War).
* Provide fresh food, of a nourishing nature, in an easy to eat for fighters' fashion.
* Provide sunshade upon the field.
* Transportation of war gear to and from the field.
* Quick field repairs of armour and weapons
* Provide a safe place for valuables on the field.
* Work with water bearers, to see that fighters, hats, and other staff (i.e. everyone) gets watered. And we mean everyone, including Royalty.

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