Lazarus Jacob Von Hase remembered in Chronicle-Telegram story

“Martin was definitely dedicated to history. He was dedicated to researching,” said James Nunamaker, known as Seamus Fraseyr in the SCA, about Lazarus Jacob Von Hase (Martin Hasemann), who died July 22, 2011 in Wellington, Ohio.

Alana Baranick of the Chronicle-Telegram discusses Hasemann's SCA and modern life as part of her The Dash Between series.

From the article:

As herald for the Shire of Falcon’s Quarry, Martin Hasemann helped fellow members of the Society for Creative Anachronism come up with pseudonyms, coats of arms and personas that identify them as people from the Middle Ages.

“He was a mentor to most of the fencers in our group, teaching not only how to use a metal sword, but how to do it correctly,” Nunamaker said.