Scribes of the Known World to Gather at Pennsic War

The Known World Scribal Gathering will take place at this year's Pennsic War at the Middle Kingdom's Royal Encampment. Despina de la Brasov writes:

Unto the Scribes of the Known World does the humble servant of the Crown of the Middle Kingdom, Despina de la Brasov, send greetings and warm wishes.

Again the Dragon of the Middle Kingdom shows it's benevolence to the Scribes of the Known World. Their Majesties of the Middle Kingdom, Felix and Madeleina, have kindly given permission for the Known World Scribal Gathering to be held within the affable confines of the Middle Kingdom Royal Encampment. Our gathering (at this upcoming) Pennsic XXXIII will take place on the Tuesday of War Week, August 17 from 3pm until 5pm. Their Draconic Majesties are unsure if They will be able to attend for more than the briefest of moments due to other Royal duties but They are hopeful that the Scribes of the Known World will enjoy the munificence of the Middle Kingdom.

If you are only beginning in the scribal arts, please come by and ask questions, meet people, or just grab a quick drink. Please also bring those who have expressed an interest in the scribal arts or those who simply wish to learn more about what goes into these pieces of art we create. There will be tables set up for work to be placed on and viewed. Please bring your portfolios and your works in progress, as we all love to, view - yeah, that's it, view - the works of others!

There will be some snacks and drinks - please bring your own beverage container. The refreshments are nothing fancy, rather, something to nibble on or sip while you're discussing the finer points of how to best grind bone black, what merchants have the best selection and quality of supplies, etc....

My sincerest of apologies to those who will not be able to attend due to conflicts; however, conflicts are difficult to avoid. I look forward to meeting many of you; as well as a chance to oggle your work. As this year the gathering is taking place directly after the Arts and Sciences Exhibit in the Barn, it should be easy to walk from one gathering of artistic creativity to this one.

My apologies to those who receive this missive multiple times. If there are questions on this matter, please direct them to me.

Cu Drag,
Domnia Despina de la Brasov, AoA, CW, CE
Middle Kingdom Arts and Sciences Champion AS 39
Midlands Regional Arts and Sciences Champion, AS 38, 39
Apprentice to Baron Wolfgang von Roessler, OL

Quarterly sable and azure, a dexter gauntlet fesswise sustaining two lightning bolts in saltire argent.

Permission to forward granted.