"Lord of the Rings" Swordsmen Interviewed

Sword Forum International: Bjorn Hellqvist of Sword Forum International interviews Peter Lyon and John Howe, the behind-the-scenes swordsmen for Lord of the Rings. As fantasy buffs and re-enactors across the world await the release of "The Two Towers," Bjorn Hellqvist, Senior Staff Writer for Sword Forum International interviews two of the men who made the "Fellowship of the Ring's" swordplay so realistic and fun to watch.

John Howe, conceptual designer, and Peter Lyon, swordsmith, were part of a team of many designers, artists and metalsmiths who made the weaponry for the films. Peter claims to have had an interest in medieval history for many years and that combined with an interest in role-playing games and the recreation of period combat led to his honing of his expertise in design and weapon-making. Howe is an artist and member of the Company of St. George, which recreates late 15th century military life.

The extensive interview, which features pictures from the film, focuses on the design of the numerous weapons in the Lord of the Rings trilogy and their use.