East Kingdom Peerages from Pennsic XL

Their Majesties Lucan and Jana of the East Kingdom elevated or placed on vigil a number of Their subjects at Pennsic XL.

Those recognized were:

  • Writ for Chivalry at Barleycorn - Ivar Volosatoi
  • Vigil for Chivalry - Oscad de Segovia
  • Vigil for Chivalry - Gui avec cheval de Guise
  • Vigil for Chivalry - Roger Stockton
  • Vigil for Laurel - Tristan de Warrell
  • Pelican - Deonna von Aachen
  • Laurel w/ Patent of Arms - Tristan de Warrell
  • Laurel - Pagan Graeme
  • Writ for Laurel at Barleycorn - Annabella di Cherubino

Congratulations to all those honored at Pennsic.


I believe you have Deonna von Aachen and Pagan Graeme switched around.  Pagan was asked to the Order of the Laurel

Thanks for the correction

The article has been amended, and we apologize for the error.