[GLE] Huntsman’s Harvest

Welcome Neighbors Near and Far to the Sharing of the Bounty of Our Harvest! On Saturday, October 8, 2011 at Mt. Hutchinson Community Center in Floral, AR

Troll will open at 9 am - $5 for the event, $10 event with feast, $5 non-members fee is additional per Kingdom Law.
There will be A and S Classes and Competition(s), Heavy and Light Tournaments (including Shire Protectorates for each – both open to the authorized populace!), and FEAST!
Autocrat (and Reservationist): Brenna “Froggie” O’Duynie froggie_910@yahoo.com
Feastcrat: Baroness Susan Landbeorht salambert@yahoo.com
Please contact Her Excellency asap if you have any food allergies so that appropriate accomodations can be made for you. A Feast menu will be posted to the Kingdom website flyer as it is finalized.
A and S: Christoph michael.fleck@gmail.com
Knight Marshall: Lord Uchtan mac Duib azrathon@suddenlink.net
Coill Fhionabhann Seneschal: Lord Hrafnolfr inn Grenski grimik34@hotmail.com