[WES] Ducal Prize

Come and Play with us over Labor Day weekend in Woodland at the Yolo county fairgrounds.

Do you like fighting?  There will be lots of fighting.

On Saturday
Cat's Cradle Melee
Superhero melee( start thinking what you super power is now)
Barroom brawl (disguise your weapon as something else)
sword and shield list

On Sunday
Shasta Melee
pole arm list
the ever popular resurrection melee
Specified weapon list( Each round is designated a specific weapon style)
   1st-sword and shield
   3rd-great sword
   5th-mace (includes axes, maces or any one handed impact weapon)
   6th-any two weapons

But you are a rapier fighter? there will be rapier fighting on both saturday and Sunday. The marshall in charge is Annora and I know she has plenty of things planned.

Do you like games? There willbe games on both saturday and Sunday.
They include
  Holey bucket brigade
  Water balloon toss
  scavenger hunt (teams of 3)
  Hunkerhauser 2 division based on weight
  Tug of war
  Three legged race
  hula hoop in Armor
  Stick horse races (bring those horses out of retirement)
  The Amazing race II (If you have seen the race or expedition impossible on TV you have an idea. Teams of two race to finish tasks first.)
  Monday Morning wrestling

Do you like shopping? There is tons of shopping.
There is the garage sale which starts on Saturday and by Monday morning everything is a dollar a bag.

There will be auctions. Come buy cool stuff, get great services, buy your friends!!

Do you like Bardics!!  There are bardics starting on Friday with the all request bardic. Saturday night is the Period piece (any style)- if there are enough entries of both types there will be both a musical and a spoken category. Please bring a copy of the piece with its source information. Period-style piece (written in any style other than sonnet), please bring information regarding the style for the judges. The filk contest is based on geography. Names of places, so john Denver, Boston, Chicago, all of these are possible song ideas. Finally there will be an ugly sonnet competition. Think Bulwer-Lytton competition for sonnets.

Do you like dancing?  The Casbah is goigng to be on Sunday night starting at 9 pm. It will be in the same place as last year, behind the first row of buildings. Warm up dancing and streching will start at 8.  The Pasha hat will be making a return appearance this year as well. Come and bid to make yourself or a friend the Pasha. The Pasha gets a front row seat, girls to dance for him and muchie food. There will also be an raffle of cool stuff. look for dancers to be selling tickets and tassels.

Site Information: Yolo County Fairgrounds in Woodland


From the North: Take I-5  South to Woodland Exit East St./Downtown Woodland. (Hwy 113 N Yuba City) and turn left at the light onto East St. Proceed to the 4th light turn left onto Gum Ave, then turn right at the large blue and white sign for the Yolo County Fair. From the South and East: Take I-5 to Woodland, Exit Main St./Downtown Woodland; turn left at the light onto Main,** proceed to the 4th light and turn left onto East (if you cross the RR tracks you've gone too far), proceed on East St. to Gum Ave. (the next light); turn left, then turn right at the large blue and white sign for the Yolo County Fair.

From the West (Bay Area): Take I-80 East to Davis; Exit Hwy 113 N Yuba City; proceed about 7 miles; Exit Main St./Downtown Woodland; turn left at the light onto Main; follow from ** above.