[EAL] Barons Howe

Yes, it is once again time to come out and say goodbye to summer with one last Awesome Camping Event.

Come and celebrate His Grace, Finnvars birthday with Bouts of Combat, Scenes of Sewing, Montages of Merry-making and Unnatural Acts of Baconry (Baconing? Baconeering?)

Come fight in the Friday night Torchlite Tourney!  It will be a double elim, speed tourney format.  It will start when it gets dark(otherwise there's not much point is there?)  There will be a Prize for the Victor!  The Woods Battles, the Castle Battles will dominate our Saturday Fighters and Mordains Rings will be there on sunday to test the mettle of those who...

...Come Partake of FREE BEER at the Saturday nite Great Northern Social!  Brought to you by the Fighters of their Majesties Northern Legion.  We've Brewed more than 80 liters of FREE BEER, please, for the love of all thats holy, come drink it so we don't have to do it all ourselves.  The Social will start after evening meal and end whenever the last person turns out the lights.  Look for the lighted torches and the loud noises.

Featuring at the Social will be the ever popular costume competition, this years theme "Clash of the Tartans", the louder the better. Make your best and loudest plaid period garb. The prize, to be named King or Queen of Clan Eyeburner 2011.

The social will also feature the judging of the Sweet Baconeering (Yeah, I like that one better) Challenge!

Here are the requirements (Just in case you missed the Emails.):

1) Must be a sweet ie, cookies, cakes, bars, candy etc.
2) Must have *REAL bacon in it.*
3) Must be *gluten-free.*
4) Recipe must be provided.

There will also be a Beginners Scribal class held on Saturday, taught by the Fabulous, the Spectacular, The Honorable Lady Tarian. 

When?  September long weekend, September 1 - 5
site opens 2pm Thursday sept 1
site closes 2pm Monday sept 5

Where? Ravenhill Castle
364 Development Road
Bonfield, ON
P0H 1E0

Site fee?   DONATION - Your generosity is appreciated!

And now for the fine print:

  • Site is a primitive campground, but close to stores in the village.
  • Site is wet.(I suppose that's obvious) Please drink responsibly.
  • Small cooking fires are allowed with fire buckets or A-B extinguisher in camp, ask about the rules for firepits at Troll! Well water is available on site.
  • Restaurants, ice, groceries and most all the usual wished-for amenities are about a mile distant.

Come one, come all, we'd love to have you there.
The Barons Howe Event Crew