[WES] Siege Cooking Pirates

While the fighting still rages outside, the Shire is negotiating with the pirates. To impress them into thinking we can stand the siege for much longer, we need to prepare a feast using just the dwindling supplies in our larder.

Cooking, Rapier fighting Games and Pirates! Now bend your ear to this! Our beloved shire is under siege from traitorous swivel tongued pirates! We have successfully negotiated a parley, but our pantries are depleted. Come and defend our Shire's honor or join the pirates and help decide if these scurvy knaves can be defeated! We need siege cooks to concoct a feast fit for kings! This siege has been long and both the ships and the town have found the pantries depleted. So we send out this call across the land for the best siege cooks to come and prepare a feast for our parley.

In the pantry you will find 5 mystery items including some form of salt meat and staples such as flour.

Cooks may add:

  • Up to two fresh herbs/spices (unlimited),
  • Up to three dried herbs/spices (limited to 1/4 ounce each),
  • One fresh fruit -OR- vegetable - limit 1 pound.

Cooking will be done at Ocean beach. There will be 4 fire pits provided, with firewood or charcoal, but require your own grate and cookware. Feel free to bring your own fire pit to ensure yourself a place. From this you will provide a meal for 6-10 people.

****Those wishing to cook as asked to RSVP to Lady Esnad O Muirin***

We would also like to put forth a challenge to those pirates who think to pillage our fair shire! Our best defenders shall gather on the beach to ward off attacking pirates with rapier and blade! Scenarios will include ship to shore, something to do with zombies and possibly Blood of Heroes and other fun and wonderful scenarios. There will also be several games during the day for those who don’t fight or cook.

****There are no glass bottles allowed on site.****


Site opens at 10 am (Help setting up early is always welcome)
Armor inspections & Cooks will be allowed to start their fires at 11am
Rapier Scenarios begin 11:30
Cooking will begin at Noon
Cooking to be completed by 4 pm
Cooking Judging at 4pm
Site closes at 6pm

Site fee $5 ($5 NMS will be covered by The Hospitalers of St. Bahb the Martyr)

Location: Ocean Beach, between Lincoln and Fulton streets, San Francisco


From South Bay- Find your best route to 280 N toward San Francisco. Take exit 47 merge onto CA-1 S toward Pacifica. Take exit 508B for CA-35N/skyline Blvd. Turn left onto Great Hwy. Make a U turn at Fulton St. Slight right into parking lot.

From North Bay - From Golden Gate Bridge, take 19th Ave exit (on right 1/4-mile after toll plaza) onto Park Presidio Drive. Turn Right on Fulton. Follow Fulton west, turn Left on the Great Highway. Slight right into parking lot.

From East Bay: Take Hwy 80 west across the Bay Bridge to San Francisco. Continue on Hwy 101 Stay in the right-hand lanes and follow the signs toward the Golden Gate Bridge Take Highway 101 North (Bayshore Freeway). As you approach San Francisco, stay in the left lane towards the Golden Gate Bridge. You’ll exit onto Octavia Blvd. Octavia Blvd. will automatically turn left on Fell Street. Follow Fell Street until it splits and turn right onto Stanyan Street. Turn left on Fulton Street. Follow Fulton west until you turn left the Great Highway.