Weddings and pre-registration at Estrella War

Lord Marek the Jew, Estrella War Emergency Deputy Promotion Coordinator welcomes weddings at the 2012 Estrella War, and the Pre-Registration Staff reports that pre-regisistration is now available.

Greetings to the Populace of the Kingdom of Atenveldt and the Known World!


As Estrella approaches we sharpen our blades and tighten our drum heads in anticipation of battle! But Estrella is also a time of merriment and revelry!

Schnepf Farms is pleased to open up their Farmhouse wedding venue for Estrella War! If you are planning to hold your wedding at Estrella, this would make an excellent setting for your special day. If you would like to reserve the Farmhouse please contact the Schnepf Farms resident wedding coordinator, April Colman (480-600-2448) for more information & pricing. Schnepf Farms also has contacts to vendors that can help with providing decorations, chairs, tents, etc. if you do not already have these vendors in place.

You may also obtain additional information and view pictures of the venue by clicking on the link below.

In addition, should you wish to hold a special event, hold your wedding, or continue the revelry of your wedding in a different area of Estrella War, this is also available! The special events field, grand court pavilion and party tent/tourney field will also be accessible for use BY RESERVATION. If you would like to reserve one of these areas for your wedding, reception, or other special event, please contact the Estrella war Special Events Coordinator Lady Slain Inghean Sheain ( for
additional information.

PLEASE NOTE: Any guests that are not camping will still need to pay the day-tripper fee to gain entrance. You will be able to post maps to your wedding/special event for your guests at Front Gate so that the volunteer staff may help direct your guests where to go.

Lord Marek the Jew, Estrella War Emergency Deputy Promotion Coordinator


Pre-Registration for Estrella War XXVIII is now available!

Below are the links for the Pre-Reg PDF form and the Instruction PDF form to mail your payment. Note that you do have the option to e-mail your form. Please include your information (modern name, SCA name and contact info) when you mail your check, if you chose to e-mail your form.

This is main Pre-Reg page if you have problems with the links above. The form links can be found toward the bottom of the page.

ACCEPs will become available soon!!!!  Please watch the Estrella War website, or your local list for details.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us at

Thank you,
Pre-Registration Staff Estrella War XXVIII