Drachenwald impresses with Pennsic gift basket

It is a tradition for SCA royalty to gift other kingdom royals with a basket of items made by members from Their Kingdom. In 2011, Drachenwald's gift basket to Ealdormere was particularly splendid. Annika Madejska shares photos of items included in the basket on PicasaWeb.

The photos are captioned with details about the items and by whom they were made.

Items included:

  • Viking whip cord for tokens or lacing
  • Shoulder bag for the King of Ealdormere.
  • Shoulder bag for the Queen of Ealdormere.
  • 14th century belt pouches
  • Hand woven garters
  • Elizabethan necklace
  • Tablet woven braid
  • Two hand-sewn coifs
  • Embroidered pouches for pater nosters
  • Small alms pouches
  • Two mugs
  • Naturally dyed yarns
  • Tokens
  • Sewing kits
  • Necklace
  • Casted necklace
  • Viking whip cord
  • Clay toy horse
  • Toy horse and a small clay bottle
  • A needle case and some thread reels
  • Some home-made alcohol
  • Two cast broaches