[AET] Summer's End

Come celebrate the closing of the glorious season at this year's Summer's End - Gion Festival - on Saturday, September 10th, 2011 in the Canton of Beau Fleuve, Barony of the Rhydderich Hael.

The Gion Festival is traditionally a time to revel in sultry Summer days, enjoying rich  culinary treats and relishing the sights and sounds of an ancient Japanese street festival once used to curry favor with tempestuous kami.  There will be heavy fighting, as well as fencing and thrown weapons. Non-martial activities will include an Arts & Sciences competition, a heraldry consultation table, and opportunities to learn gentler arts, such as dancing,.

Reservations & Troll     The site is discreetly damp and will open at 10 am and close at 10 pm.

$13.00 for SCA members.
$6.50 for members 17 years old and younger.
No charge for children 4 years old and younger.

There will be a Non-Member Surcharge of $5.00 added to the fee for those unable to supply proof of SCA membership.

Please make checks payable to "SCA, Inc. - Canton of Beau Fleuve".

Please send reservations and questions to
Pani Zofia Kowalewska & Lady Magdalena Smythie
Email: melblackrose @ gmail.com or

All-Day Sideboard
Rowena and Sturrhim Caithness will be presenting an all-day sideboard of Japanese and Asian delights this year in lieu of a feast.

Foods will be styled after those of a Japanese street fair and served in three 2-hour removes throughout the day.

Arts & Sciences Competition    

Bring your favorite works to enter and display!   There will be prizes awarded to recipients of the Baron's Choice, the Baron-Elect & Baroness-Elect's Choice, and the winner of the populace vote.  The competition will be supervised by the current Arts & Sciences champion, THL Roxanne de St. Luc.

Many thanks to our Baron Caleb Reynolds, Baron-Elect Carelos & Baroness-Elect Isolda!
Heavy Weapons Fighting     Marshall in charge:  Sir Maynard von dem Steine

Tournament Format:
The main tournament is inspired by the Japanese theme of the event and will be fought with match weapons of katana (great sword), naginata (pole-arm), or yari (spear). Depending on number of entrants it will be a double elimination tourney.

If you have them, please bring weapons and extra gauntlets to share.
Show up early and we will run some weapon qualifications so that all may participate.
An additional bear pit style tournament will also take place which will include all weapon forms.
We will also have melee fighting if time permits.

Inspections begin at 11 am and close at 12 noon.  Tournaments begin at noon.
Fencing     More information to come.
Thrown Weapons     Marshall in charge:  THL Augusto G.

Heraldry Consultation     THL Solveig Throndardottir and other heralds will be on hand throughout the day to consult with on persona names and devices.  Bring your ideas and questions.

Learning the Gentler Arts     Come and learn traditional Japanese folk dance!
Merchants     Artyard Pottery & Woodland Watch will be present.

If you would like to merchant at the event, contact the autocrat, Minamoto Saiaiko, at saiaiko @ yahoo dot com. 

Location & Directions:
We are honored to continue the tradition of holding Summer's End at St. John de la Salle, 8469 Buffalo Ave., Niagara Falls, NY 14304.

Directions: From The East: Take the I-90 W / NEW YORK STATE THRUWAY W toward BUFFALO (Portions toll), Merge onto I-290 W / YOUNGMANN EXPY via EXIT 50 toward NIAGARA FALLS. Merge onto I-190 N toward NIAGARA FALLS (Portions toll). Merge onto LASALLE EXPY E via EXIT 21A toward TONAWANDAS. Take the RT-384 N ramp. Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto BUFFALO AVE / NY-384.

From the South: Merge onto I-90 E via EXIT 178A toward BUFFALO (Portions toll) (Crossing into NEW YORK). Merge onto I-190 N via EXIT 53 toward DOWNTOWN BUFFALO / NIAGARA FALLS (Portions toll). Merge onto LASALLE EXPY E via EXIT 21A toward TONAWANDAS. Take the RT-384 N ramp. Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto BUFFALO AVE / NY-384.