[EAL] Day of Dance

This is a chance to learn dances to dance at events, have some fun in the sun, get to know the dance people better, and have fun.

We are encouraging all people to come even those that are not in the SCA to come and have fun with a Renaissance Day of Dance. Do not feel you must come for the full time come for what you can an stay as long as you like.

We are going to be at Webster's Falls again this year.  Directions can be found on the website.

I think I am going to change it up this year and say Garb is encouraged to show off some of what we can wear to people that might not know what there options are. Don't have garb - don't worry just come dressed to dance and have fun.

Pot Luck Snacks and Lunch Items will make the day much more relaxed and enjoyable...

Hoping for a non facebook web page but till then http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=114197625340507

Yay Dancing