[ATL] Boar Hunt

Please join the Canton of Charlesbury Crossing as we continue celebrating the fall season with a Boar Hunt and Market at beautiful Camp Cherokee.

The fine populace who attend will refine their heavy and rapier skills in a wood's battle designed by Master Bran, frolic through a Market and feast on excellent food prepared by Lord Egill. Pulling from traditions of old our Market will be a place where the populace is welcome to shop, sell or barter goods that need to find new homes for the coming winter season.

No gathering would be complete without an Arts and Sciences competition encouraging participants to enter two items: one to keep and one to share. Poeta Atlantiae will also sponsor a competition (more details to follow). We will close our Boar Hunt with tales of the day's victories and of our noble opponents whether they hailed from the wooded battlefield, market or feast hall.

Boar Hunt
October 28-30, 2011
Camp Cherokee, King Mountain's State Park

Cost estimates: Day trip: $12; Camping: $5; Feast: $8

We anticipate no costs for children 3 and younger. To ease planning, we request reservations including feast and/or camping to be postmarked no later than 10/1.  Checks should be made out to SCA c/o Canton of Charlesbury Crossing.

We look forward to seeing you!
Reservations can be forwarded to Lady Annora Hall.  Please email questions to annorahall AT yahoo DOT com.