[LOC] 12th Night Coronation 2012

Let it be known that in January AS XLVI the most precious Crown of Lochac shall pass from the noble brow of our beloved King and Queen into the care of those who by right of arms, beauty and grace have proven themselves worthy successors and undoubted heirs to the thrones of our great Kingdom.

Lady Genevieve Du Montfleur and the wonderful Shire of Dragons Bay in Western Australia, shall host the attendant celebrations and shall present for your attendance and participation such markets, games, tourneys, competitions and gatherings to lighten your heart, illuminate your mind and adorn your memory of the investiture of the new King and Queen with joyful remembrance as suits this auspices start to the new year.

The investiture shall take place during a Royal Hunt and the weekend shall be spent out of doors in the grounds surrounding the royal lodge found in the northern most lands of the Shire.

Rather than the uncivilized shelter of the trees, provision shall be made among the outbuildings of the lodge for those travellers who by necessity of distance may not be accompanied by a baggage train, or for those who shall command their own Baggage train shall have extensive parklands that will provide fine sites to erect pavilions and shelters.

The feast accompanying the celebration shall be suitable for meat and non-meat days and we trust you will advise us of any other dietary observances you may have.

For those good gentles who travel from afar so they may join us in these celebrations, Local guides, transport and a place to rest ones weary head shall be had from the wondrous Shire of Dragons Bay or from our gentle cousins on the Western Shores. All to ensure that you may have many restful nights sleep, as well as to be held secure in the arms of old or new family and friends before and after the occasion where needed. A suitable contribution to the Kingdoms treasury will assure you a place at this most auspicious occasion and mark your place in the history of the Kingdom of Lochac.

The venue for the 12th Night Coronation 2012 Event is:

    Wandi Community Centre
    302 De Haer Road, Wandi
    Western Australia, 6167

For interstate travellers we will endeavour to arrange suitable short term accommodation (crash space) before and after the event as well as airport pick up and drop off whenever posssible.

If you need assistance with billeting and transport, please fill in the Biletting and Transport form after making your booking.

Directions from Perth Domestic Airport

Wandi is approximately a 35-40 minute drive from the Perth Domestic Airport.

   1. Exit the domestic airport and turn LEFT onto Great Eastern Hwy.
   2. Continue along Great Eastern Hwy for 6km, passing Burswood Casino and crossing Albany Hwy.
      (The road changes it's name to Canning Hwy as you cross over Albany Hwy.)
   3. Continue driving along Canning Hwy for another 6km.
   4. Just before Canning Bridge, veer LEFT onto the Kwinana Freeway on-ramp.
   5. Continue along Kwinana Freeway for 19kms.
   6. Take the exit LEFT onto Rowley Rd.
   7. Continue along Rowley Rd for 3km.
   8. Turn RIGHT into De Haar Rd.
   9. After 1.4km look for the SCA signs and turn LEFT into the Wandi Progress Association grounds.

Directions from the South West

Wandi is approximately a 1 hr 30 minute drive from Bunbury.

   1. After passing thru Bunbury, travel along the Old Coast Road/Forrest Hwy/Kwinana Fwy for approx 135kms.
   2. Take the Anketell Rd off-ramp.
   3. At the top of the off-ramp, turn RIGHT into Anketell Rd.
   4. Continue on Anketell Rd for 1.4km.
   5. Turn LEFT into Lyon Rd, and then take an immediate RIGHT into De Haer Rd.
   6. After 3.1km look for the SCA signs and turn RIGHT into the Wandi Progress Association grounds.

The Entrance way into the Wandi Community Centre