More Pennsic XL photos and video online

Various photographers and videographers have shared their visions of Pennsic XL by posting their photos online. Included are albums by Dragos Pelikanos, Alda, Barbara, Baroness Bridget, Liam St Liam, Ursus of Anglesey, and Rebecca of Three Rivers. Video by Leohtulf.  
  • Dragos Pelikanos: "A wedding, a battle, a heavy fighting tournament, opening ceremonies, Middle-Eastern dancing, interesting camps and friends abound."
  • Alda: Pennsic 40 2011 photos.
  • Barbara: Pennsic 40 photos.
  • Baroness Bridget: bridget's photos
  • Liam St. Liam: Pennsic XL
  • Ursus of Anglesey: 10 man tourney from Saturday
  • Rebecca of Three Rivers: Pennsic XL (2011)
  • Leohtulf: Pennsic 40: The Valley Battle (video)

Correction to attribution

In the original version of this article, we accidentally failed to credit the sixth album to Ursus of Anglesey. The article has been corrected now that we are aware of the correct information, and regrets the error.