[NOR] Gimli 2011: Dark Age Saga

It is my esteemed pleasure to invite you all to attend the Greatest event of this year. We are hosting our annual Gimli Event name Dark Age Saga or The Luta Saga September 2-5, 2011.

We will be having events to keep all people busy and enjoying themselves.

On Friday there will be dancing, Period Games, Fire arrows to restore the stars in the sky. And Perogy madness (not dark ages, but so good we had to add it in, please bring your own perogies and fixings. We are anticipating having far too many for just one night and would hate to run short.) There will also be a Dark Ages Court.

For the rest of the event there will be Dancing in the evening, Games all day.
Classes will consist of Hatmaking, Tablet Weaving, Period Games, Silk Banner making, Embroidery, and possibly more if more teachers volunteer.

Fighting will be on Saturday and Sunday. We will have a Boar Hunt (HG Hrodir and HE Hroedbeort being the boars using 2 maces. The dogs helping the hunters will be using daggers and the hunters have spears.) There will also be a Valhalla Tournament.

There will be fencing.

There will be a siege Weapon demonstration.

We will have the traditional Baby Water shoot for the archers.

There will be a Largesse completion (made or purchased items)

There will be a Cabin decoration competition.

There will be a period encampment challenge.

We will be having a raffle. Bring money! Please bring the items you are donating to the raffle directly to the event.

There will be merchants on site. Bring money!

There will be a Royal Court on Saturday followed by a fantastic Feast.

There will be brunch served on Saturday.

There will be possibly 2 breakfasts served on Sunday. We are chasing down a chamberlain this evening at War to hammer out the details of the Queen's Breakfast.

We will also be having a Sunday dinner.

There are some awesome prizes for all marshal competitions as well as for the arts competitions. Bring your best!