Caidan Minister of Youth to Publish Children's Periodical

THLady Gwenllian Pengrych ferch Rhys, Minister of Youth for the Kingdom of Caid, has announced the publication of "Libellus," a trimester newsletter centered around children and their activities in the SCA. THLady Gwenllian Pengrych ferch Rhyswrites:

I reside in Caid, The Barony of the Western Seas (Hawaii), and am the Youth Minister here. I have been working with children since becoming involved with the SCA over a decade ago, and I've decided to take my experiences and put them to paper in a quarterly periodical that I've named "Libellus" (Latin: "Little Book"). Originally I had planned to do this on a local level but it would be so much neater if all of us across the SCA could benefit from each other's knowledge and ideas.

The booklet is approximately 25-30 pages long and will be published every 3 months; the first will be completed for an August mailing and then subsequent issues will be mailed in November, February, and May of each year. The articles center around all time periods involved within the SCA and include history, trivia, games, A&S activities and of course, are written with children in mind. It is my hope that the Libellus will be fun and interesting to SCA youth, and also useful to parents or other adults involved with youth activities within their local groups.

I'm looking for those already involved with kids (local level Ministers and Chancellors, folks who have written articles previously for kids, Page Academy leaders, etc) to share their own works with others by submitting them to the Libellus.

Authors will always get credit for their work and will also recieve the copy of the Libellus that their article is in if they dont already subscribe to it. Kingdom and Baronial Ministors will recieve a free subscription that they can use for ideas for their local events. Subscriptions for all others will only be $5.00 a year (4 issues) to cover shipping. I am not planning to make any income off of this endeavor whatsoever.

If you know of others locally who have been involved with kids' activities and could put them in touch with me, I would greatly appreciate it. And of course, if you have any works you'd like to submit to the Libellus, you'd have my undying gratitude.

As mentioned, the Libellus needs articles on history, A&S how-to's with the basic "how what when where why" questions answered in the article portion, tidbits of history for "fillers", riddles, poetry, songs, and even your kingdom calendar of kids events (for the kids from your area who subscribe). There are only two rules: all articles need to be documented with at least one source and be historically accurate, and all articles are written in a kid-friendly manner.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer. Please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns as well.

Yours in service,
THLady Gwenllian Pengrych ferch Rhys