Their Majesties of Drachenwald Hold Court in Meadowmarsh

On Saturday November 2, 2002, Their Majesties Giles and EzaBella of Drachenwald held court in Their Shire of Meadowmarsh. Below follows the event and Court Report of Their Majesties of Drachenwald as recorded by Master Rhys Terafan Greydragon:
Greetings to all to whom these words do come on behalf of Their Royal Majesties, Giles and EzaBella, on this 5th day of November from the royal herald!

This weekend past, Their Royal Majesties, Giles and EzaBella, did attend Aurelia's and Konrad's Saturday Night Fever in Their Shire of Meadowmarsh on the second day of November in the thirty-seventh year of the Society and the two thousand second year of our Lord. There was much dancing done as Mistress Caitlin de Courcy, Master Otto von Graz, Master Paul de Gorey, and Lady Judith of Northumbria did teach and play wonderfully.

Just prior to feast, Their Majesties did hold court and proclaim or present the following awards:

Award of Arms - Godfrey the Wanderer. (He was not present and his scroll was accepted by Lord Thomas Pancaldo.)
Popular Company of Sojourners - Pethric McKirdy
Popular Company of Sojourners - Kepuah O'Havanavana
Popular Company of Sojourners - Tabitha McCormick
Popular Company of Sojourners - Villiama McKirdy
Order of the Panache - Stella Seraphina von Leuchtenberg
Order of the Silver Guard - Konrad von Schilberg
Award of Arms - Maeva Eriksdottir

During court, the Baron of Knight's Crossing arose and eloquently demanded the return of a third banner (belonging to Knight's Crossing) that is held by Master Terafan. The banner, an 18 foot gold banner of the SCA, was accounted for earlier in the year by Mistress Regina Romsey, who made the banner when she was Baroness of Knight's Crossing. Master Terafan (claiming to not know it was Knight's Crossing's banner) agreed to return it at Coronation, when Knight's Crossing swears fealty to the new Crowns.

Additionally, an award from the reign of Gerhardt & Aurelia was presented, that being an Award of Arms for Giovanna Lisabetta Ferri.

During feast, a group of madrigal singers provide a wondrous performance for Their Majesties. So inspired, Their Majesties presented their leader, Maria Ute von Eppstein, with an Award of Arms.

Thus was a summary of the awards given or proclaimed that day. All awards and their recipients are complete and correct to the best of my knowledge. If a correction is needed, please let me know at

In service to Crown and Kingdom,

Posted with kind permission of the author