"Learning by living" in the SCA

SCA members in Casper, Wyoming (Kingdom of the Outlands) look forward to their annual event "Here There be Dragons," where they meet, share blows and "learn by doing." Elysia Conner of the Casper Journal visited with James Shipley, known in the SCA as Ronin, and has the story.

Ronin is skilled in a number of crafts, the newest of which, leather-working, he demonstrated for Conner. He also is involved in armored combat and discussed what it is like to wear 70 pounds of armor. “That leads to the heart of the SCA: learning it by living it,” he said."Through experience, SCA members appreciate handcrafted quality or what it was really like to fight in a duel or melee. It’s not enough to read about it or see it in a movie. They want to experience what it was like for themselves."