Insulae Draconis hails new Prince and Princess

The newest prince and princess of Insulae Draconis, which is the principality of Drachenwald that includes the British Isles, Channel Islands, Ireland and Iceland, are Robert of Canterbury, Caversham Herald Extraordinary, and Geneviève la Flechière, Rouge Manche Herald Extraordinary.

Prince Robert, of the Shire of Thamesreach, defeated Lord Dirik von Rosswald, fighting for Lady Solange de la Forteresse of the Shire of Flintheath in the final round of an eight-person round robin list at Raglan Fair in Wales on August 20th.

Prince Robert, who was made a Master of the Pelican in November of 2009, was undefeated in the tournament and finished Lord Dirik off with a thrust to the face in a final bout after the conclusion of the round robin.  

The list included one KSCA, Pan Vitus Polonius, and two women:  Lady Hilkka Susinen and Lady Katherine of Great Chesterford.  

Princess Geneviève, a frequent contributor to, is a former Schwarzdrachen Principal Herald of Drachenwald.  She has handed her office, Insulae Draconis Signet, over to Lady Arianrhod o Cymru.

This was the fourth Insulae Draconis coronet tournament, the first to be fought at Raglan Fair.  

Raglan Fair, or ffaire Rhaglan in Welsh, is Insulae Draconis's main Summertime camping event held at Raglan Castle in Monmouthshire, Wales, and hosted by the Shire of Mynydd Gwyn.  

The event has in recent years drawn participants from overseas, this year attracting people from Calontir and the Outlands.  People came from across Drachenwald, including web celebrity Lady Racaire from Austria; several from the Principality of Nordmark in Sweden; and one from Afghanistan.  

Prince Robert and Princess Geneviève succeed the newly-created Viscount Cernac the Inspired and Viscountess Susannah of York.