Reproduction Antique and Medieval Doors

CastleReign creates reproduction antique and medieval doors for your home, tavern, art studio, game room, garden and other areas around your home and business. 

The doors are constructed by creating a hand finished antiqued wood and metal 'skin' that is laid on top of standard sized wooden doors.  Besides the obvious cost savings compared to installing a real antique, the advantages are several, such as the option of having your antique design on just a single side, with the other side remaining a modern door (which can be painted or stained to match your existing home decor).  This concept also allows for an easier installation and the use of standard door knobs so you have the security and safety to which you are accustomed.  Each door is shipped in a pre-hung jamb and includes matching side moldings.

Custom designs are encouraged, and customers receive a discount for local pickup at the shop on Bainbridge Island, WA.