[MER] Black Rose

Please join the Shire of Crimson River this August 19-21, 2011 at the Cumberland Centre for a day of fun, fighting, and discovery.

We have a full schedule of classes centering around period life. Event pricing is $17 weekend on board, $12 weekend off board, $12 daytrip on board, $7 daytrip off board (non-members add $5). A fundraiser lunch will benefit the Cumberland Centre.

August 19-21 - Troll opens at 5pm
The Cumberland Centre
3409 Gillespie Lane
Columbia, TN 38401

For more information please contact the autocrat, Sir Mordan Peresenchenev at Moradan@ aol.com

Black Rose Class Schedule
10 am
How to butcher and prepare rabbit
In this demonstration class the student will learn how to properly clean and butcher rabbit. The student will be given the option to observe the slaughter of the animal.
– Lord Jaeger Jon

11 am
Open fire cooking
This class will take the freshly butchered rabbits and cook them using outdoor cooking techniques. - Guillaume des Pyrenees

12pm – LUNCH!

1 pm
Medieval Beekeeping
Discover how medieval people kept bees and harvested honey. - Lady Ginevra Brembati

Mead-Making 101, or How They Would Have Done It Way Back When
This class is an introduction to period brewing techniques, with information on how and where brewers would have collected their honey, water and yeast, and then what they did with it. Recipe from "The Closet of Sir Kenhelm Digby, Knight, Opened"
Materials and Techniques from a range of books, both period and modern
-Lord William Brewer

Mead-Making 102, or What Did It Taste Like?
For those of you who are of age and are interested, we will have a sampling class with a range of meads, both aged and quick, including one brewed in the same manner as in the Mead-Making 101 class. - Lord William Brewer

Open Pottery workshop
Spend time one on one with Mistress Gwineth and her pottery wheel. After a demonstration, students will have 45 minutes to work on a pottery wheel. Class limit 8, age limit 15+, please bring a change of clothes. $10 only if you need your finished piece mailed to you after firing. – Mistress Gwineth

All day Saturday
A&S faire– We welcome everyone to bring an entry for the A&S faire. The populace will choose their favorite entry. Documentation is encouraged but not required.