[ART] Lochtoberfest

As fair München prepares to celebrate its 178th Oktoberfest, the Barony of Loch Salann invites you to be exceptionally creative about your anachronisms and join us in a lighthearted mimicry of an event that didn’t have its inception until 1810.

Come to the second annual Lochtoberfest! If you will not come for the sake of fun, come for the sake of Würstchen. If not for Würstchen, then obviously, you must give in, don your Lederhosen and Dirndln, and attend for the sake of Bier! (No one in SCA period garb will be turned away, though.)

Central to our event is, of course, a brewing competition. Brewers far and wide, come and prove that your kegs produce the finest brews! We have no Master Spice requirement, and as is appropriate in a Barony with a Gaelic name, top-fermented beers are welcome in addition to bottom-fermented ones. We even gladly accept spontaneously fermented brews, if you’ve been bravely trying your hand at creating a Lambic. Indeed, if you feel your brew qualifies as beer, we’re certain the populace will happily sample it! Multiple entries by the same brewer will be judged separately, so enter more of your masterworks to increase your chances of winning.

Arguably as important as the brewing competition (if you’re among those who believe anything can be as important as beer) is the Best of the Würst competition. The most finely crafted sausages will win this title for their maker. Fill some intestines with your best meat concoctions and come wrest the Best of the Würst title from Lady Gwynnyth ferch Morgan!

Finally, Dame Hildegardis Filia Vulframni is once again preparing an incredible German-themed feast; fighters must also prove which one of them has the best sausage; amazing festivities are planned for the youth of the kingdom (with no beer-drinking involved); and other great hilarity is anticipated.

South Valley Unitarian
6876 Highland Drive, Salt Lake City, UT
Find your best route to I-215 in Salt Lake City. Take the 20th East exit off I-215 and travel south for half a block. The building is on the west side of the street.

September 24, 2011
10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Adult: $8
Youth (ages 6 to 15): $4
Adult Feast: $6
Youth Feast: $3
Nonmember surcharge: $5

Event Steward: Lady Belladonna di Francia

Feast Steward: Dame Hildegardis Filia Vulframni

Marshal in Charge: Sir Robert le Raven MacLeod