Giostra Cavalleresca brings tourists to ancient Italian town

"We live the Giostra in our hearts," said Tilde Carugno about the Giostra Cavalleresca, or medieval jousting, that transports the tiny central Italian town of Sulmona to the Renaisasance for one summer week each year. (photos)

Sulmona was hard hit by the 2009 earthquake, and city fathers hope that the tourism brought by the week of jousting and medieval splendour will help the town rebuild.

From the Reuters article:

For the event, which traces its heritage to the city's medieval heyday and was resurrected in 1995, the town divides into seven districts; residents mark out their turf with banners hung from balconies the length of the narrow, cobbled streets and form squads of drummers, trumpeters, flag-bearers and costumed 'princely courts' to support their cavaliere.