[OUT] 3 Stags Autumn Battle and Fair

As summer wanes and the skies turn orange 3 Stags Autumn Battle and Fair will bring you many challenges and fun things to keep you busy for the last camping weekend of the summer!

Lady Otama will be running a Siege Cooking competition “only Four teams will be allowed so be sure to get your team (four members) together and sign up soon!! Lord Cilene is running the second brewing competition“ there will be four categories “each person can have one entry per category. Do you remember the chariot battles last year? Well we will be having those again this year along with the suspension bridge battle and the maze just to keep all the heavies busy and tired! The fencers will also be having a maze battle and use the suspension bridge too!! The archery field will be filled with many challenges and fun shoots to engage the best archers of the Outlands! Not enough to keep you busy yet?"

Mistress Seuilla de Cordoba is arranging classes for those not interested in cooking “brewing - fighting“ fencing or shooting (schedule to come)!There will also be merchants on site to tempt your pocket books!! Saturday will have a wondrous feast prepared by Lady Rowena “sure to be a tasty time to be had by all! During Feast there will be a fashion show presenting some of the best dressed members on site! If you are interested in participating“ please contact Mi'Lady Illainor. Mistress Gabriele and Mistress Mirianna will be in charge of decorating, so be sure to check out the Lady and the Unicorn Hall!
Site and Event Contacts

Site Opens: Friday, September 2, 1:00 pm
Site Closes: Monday, September 5, 1:00 pm

Site: Quint Valley Fairgrounds. Byers Colorado

Site Fee:


    * Under 7 Free.
    * Children (7-14): $10.00
    * Adults (15+): $15.00
    * $5 non-member surcharge applies. Feast and NMS excluded from cap.

At the gate, please add $5.00 to all weekend camping fees


    * Under 7 Free with paying Adult
    * Children (7-14): $2.50
    * Adult (15+): $5.00.
    * $5 non-member surcharge applies

Note: There will be a very limited number of feast seats available at the gate.


    * Under 7 Free
    * Children (7-14): $5.00
    * Adult (15+): $8.00.

Note: There will be a very limited number of feast seats available at the gate.

Directions to Site:
From Denver: From Denver, I-70 east 33 miles exit at Byers, CO. Turn north (left) on Main St. (US-36) and proceed for approx 1/2 mile to Quint Valley Fairgrounds entrance on the left.

Restrictions: Restrictions: All fairgrounds regulations apply. Discreetly wet site, however you will not be allowed to shoot if you have been drinking. Dogs are welcome, but must be on a leash (with someone or something stable attached to the other end). Fire restrictions (if any at the time – Fire department will decide) will be strictly enforced by fire department members making visits to be sure that there is water buckets and/or fire extinguishers close to all fire pits/stoves!


    * Autocrat: Countess Adriana Maria Presley
    * Co-Autocrat: THL Drahomira von Augsburg
    * Feast-ocrat: Lady Rowena
    * Siege Cooking: Lady Otama
    * Brewing Competition: Lord Cilene
    * Classes: Mistress Seuilla
    * Fashion Show: Mi’Lady Illianor
    * Martial Activities:
        Heavy Fighting:
          THL Forrester


          Arcadia de Medina

Merchants: Please contact autocrat. Fees are regular camping plus a domation of one $5.00 (retail price) item.