[MID] Saxon Summer XI

Come and join us in a weekend filled with heavy fighting, archery, thrown weapons, fencing, games, dance, bardic, feasting and camping, AND Equestrian Activities!!!!

This is our SECOND year at a new site and we are even more excited.  We have much more space, yet the activities, feast hall and camping area are more compact. The grand feast hall contains a fireplace and room for dancing!

The location is in the country, so its quiet and DARK.  At night there are few if any flood lights, and no “Eye of Sauron” demon lights!!  So evening activities will have the warm natural light of camp fire and torch.  We want to make the most of this uncommon opportunity.

Therefore we ask campers to restrict artificial light sources to the inside of tents.

Please, no gas lanterns outside and limit your use of flashlights.
Date & Location: September 16 through 18, 2011,with main events on Saturday

Joseph Badger Meadows
7266 Hayes Orangeville Rd.
Burghill, OH 44404

Site Opens:  Friday, September 16 at 3:00 PM
Site Closes: Sunday, September 18 at 11:30 AM

 Site Fees
(Apply the $5 Non-Member Surcharge as appropriate)

Campers (One or Two Nights and Saturday)

Adults                                 $14.00          $12.00 (pre-registered)
Ages 6-17                           $7.00             $6.00 (pre-registered)
Infant to 5 years FREE

Day-tripping (Saturday only)

Adult                               $8.00               $6.50 (pre-registered)
Ages 6-17                      $4.00                $3.25  (pre-registered)
Infant to 5 years FREE

NOTE: Everyone must sign in at the gate before participating at the event. Anyone under 18 must have a parent on-site with them.

Send pre-registrations to the gatekeeper no later than September 13, 2010

Lord Ulfr Ganglr
Make checks payable to “SCA, Inc. – Shire of Rivenvale”

Feast (Limited to 80 seats)

Adult           $10.00               $8.00 (pre-registered)
Lap Sitters FREE
For allergy concerns, please contact the feast steward,  Lord Thorsten:  rchrdbtn@aol.com

Site Information
This is a fully handicapped accessible site with no stairs. Sorry – No pets are allowed.
Ground fires are allowed at designated locations.  Showers are available for use.
This Site is DRY

There is plenty of room for outdoor shops and we have space and tables available indoors as well.
Please contact our liaison for further information. Donata of Rivenvale mlhummy@yahoo.com

Thrown Weapons
See the thrown weapons marshall (Olafr) on site for final schedule.
Note:  Minors bring your parent if you wish to throw weapons.
Heavy Weapons Fighting
Rapier Fighting

Jct I80 & US 62 (Hubbard Ohio), Take US 62 North about 3/4 mile and turn left onto RT 7 North.
Continue on Rt 7 North for about 11 miles,  Look for JBM sign on left, but Right turn onto Hayes-Oragneville Road.
Camp entrance is 6/10 miles on right.  Follow signs to Back Camp.

Event Steward: al-Sayyid Abu Shadi Da’ud ibn Zahir farlight7@gmail.com
Deputy Event Steward: Donata of Rivenvale mlhummy@yahoo.com
Gatekeeper: Lord Ulfr Ganglr rmarks_ii@hotmail.com
Feast Steward: Lord Thorsten rchrdbtn@aol.com