[ANT] Fibers and Fletching

The Canton of Bearwood invites one and all for a weekend of fun.

There will be a Youth Armored Combat Tournament. Up for grabs: 12 and under, a Helm; 13 and up ½ an armor quality cow hide. There is FREE WOOL to be had; cleaned and carded, until it’s gone. Not to forget our archers, there is a 3 butt range for you to play on. All you fighters come practice your skills in the practice eric. There are many classes where you can learn a new skill or hobby. Our teachers are very enthusiastic and wish to share their knowledge. Classes will include; a curry class, many forms of embroidery, open fire pit cooking, a scale mail class, soap making, and many more. A bardic circle will be held Saturday Night, so bring your drums, songs, stories, jokes, dances, and chairs!

August 19, 2011 to August 21, 2011
SE Snohomish County, WA

Merchants: There is no merchant fee. Please contact the Autocrat ASAP with the dimensions of your booth and an idea of what you will be selling. 

Autocrat: Lucia DeMarco K.Stuckel@gmail.com

Fees: Adults: $15/person. Children ages 7-12: $7/person. Children ages 6 and under: free!  Family Cap: $40. Please make checks payable to Canton of Bearwood, SCA Inc. There is a $5 non-member surcharge.

Site: Opens Noon on Friday, and closes at 6pm on Sunday.
Site Address: Solar Dairy Farm
                        19330 SR 530 NE
                        Arlington, WA, 98223

For the Youths (ages 6 to 17), we will be having a fighting workshop starting at 9:00 am and running until 12:00 (lunch time). At 2:00 pm we will start the prize tourney. The workshop will introduce new fighters to the program or work with more experienced fighters on techniques and styles.

For the Adults (present due to having youths participating), we will be having a YAC open discussion which will run the same length of time the YAC workshop lasts. The discussion topics will range from becoming a YAC Marshal, to the future of the program in An Tir. If there are new parents present, time will be spent explaining to them the overall scope of the program.

Questions or comments can be directed to my email address: boshorde@gmail.com