[MER] Summer Collegia VII

The Shire of Drakenmere invites you to Summer Collegia VII: Machen und Treffen, to be held at St. Michael's Episcopal Church, 515 S. Liberty Street, Waynesboro GA, 30830

Come join our shire for a high summer tradition of learning! This year, we offer a day full of hands-on complete projects. The day will also include heavy and rapier fighting, plus a light and tasty feast with evening entertainment.

Event Fees for this event are as follows:
# $18 per adult for event + feast
# $6 per child (under 13) for event + feast
# Off board (no feast): Subtract $5

Take your best route to Hwy. 25 (Business, not bypass) in Waynesboro GA. The church is north of the medical center on US 25 and south of the town square.
    * Lodging information can be found on the Local Amenities page.
    * St. Michael's is a large white church located adjacent to the city park
    * Patrons can park near the church and around the park
    * Troll will be in the Fellowship Hall, which can be entered through the front courtyard - Signs will be posted


Mistress Derbail inghean

Baroness Cathlin Sommerfield

Co- Feastcrats :
Lady Theodastria Loukianis
Milady Tatiana MacGreoghair

Please send your reservations to:

Mistress Derbail inghean Conchobar

All adult non-members must pay a $5 non-member surcharge.

Parking is free.

Make checks payable to SCA Inc./The Shire of Drakenmere.