[CAL] Fall Festival and Fyrd Challenge

It's 1066 and Puddleferd, the town of the Heights, and their Fall Festival is under threat of Viking attack. Harold has ridden north with his Huscarls and left his Fyrd to defend the southern rivers. We invite you to help defend Puddleferd.

September 23-25, 2011
18683 Highway CC, Warrenton, MO 63383
Site opens at 3 pm on Friday and closes at noon on Sunday.

We have a variety of activities planned to fit everyone’s interests.
Fighting: The Defense of Puddleferd will be a series of melees based on the Battle of Fulford in 1066.  Battles will include a field battle, bridge battle, castle battle and town battle. There will also be a Mordain’s Ring, sponsored by the children. If more fighting is desired, we'll divide into teams for a bear pit style hold-the-field melee.

Archery: We will have fall related shoots at 10 am, 1 pm, and 3 pm.
Equestrian: Three Riverian riders can compete for the Barony of Three Rivers Equestrian Championship.  Also taking place is a Fyrd Challenge - The Eo-Fyrd have called for all riders to show their skill on the field of battle.

Intent to compete for the Three Rivers Championship, needs to be sent to Eowyth at Eowyth(at)GMail(dot)com, at a minimum of 2 weeks PRIOR to the event.
There will be no authorizations done, unless requested prior to the event.  Negative Coggins required for all horses. Health Certificates required for all non-Missouri horses. Please bring copies of appropriate paperwork to give to the EqMIC upon arrival to site.

A&S: We will have classes and competitions relating to fall and the year1066 coordinated by Lady Hanne Abendschein.

Children’s Activities: Lady Rochwen has planned favor printing with carved turnips; grape stomping - a traditional fall activity; bobbing for apples; gourd painting; birdfeeder balls; Pillage the Village.  Puzzles, period games and singing/dancing in the youth shade fly available throughout the day.

Feast:  Lady Quiteria la Roja has planned a harvest themed four remove feast.
1st remove: Bread and cheese with butter and apples
               2nd remove: Roasted pork on a bed of in season veggie mix with fruit sauces (hard cider & plum)
               3rd remove: Fowl (hen) stew with platter of crusty breads
               4th remove: Apple pastries with honey on a bed of grape leaves and grape and cheery clusters
Inn: Master Jack Banyard and Mistress Maggie will host the inn to benefit the Lilies Tailor’s Shop.
Merchants: We encourage merchants to come and participate in our festival. Lady Carrys of Caer Rudd  is the merchant coordinators and can be reached at danzier@sbcglobal.net. We already have confirmation that the following merchants will be there:
Bast Creations
Neverland Garb
Dragon’s Lair
Rainbow’s End Jewelry Design
Adult: $8.00 ($5.00 Non-member Surcharge applies.)
Children: 13-17 $6.00; 5-12 $4.00; 4 and under are Free
Family Cap: $25 + required Non-member Surcharge
Feast: $10.00
Make checks payable to SCA, Inc. - Barony of Three Rivers
Driving Directions: Take your best route on I-70 to exit 193 (Warrenton), roughly 1 hour West of St. Louis. Go South on Highway 47 about 8 miles to Highway CC. Take Highway CC East (the only way to go from 47) 2 miles to 18683 Highway CC. You will see a green barn with white roof.
If coming from the South: Take I-44 to exit 240 (St. Clair) and follow Highway 47 north to Highway CC and turn East (the only way to go from 47). Follow CC East for 2 miles to 18683 Highway CC. You will see a green barn with white roof.

Important Note: If following a GPS, do not turn on to Charette Creek Road. This is a gravel road with creek crossings that have no bridges.
Event Steward:                                             
Lady Heleyne of Richard’s Keep                                          
Feast Steward:
Lady Quiteria la Roja
Merchant Coordinator:
Lady Carrys of Caer Rudd