Archers to compete at Tournament of the Phoenix

The Tournament of the Phoenix, long known for jousting, will feature a Longbow / Traditional Archery Contest at this year's Tournament of the Phoenix and Festival of History 2011 Saturday October 22 and Sunday October 23, 2011 in Poway, California.

The contest is open to anyone with appropriate equipment and costume.

To compete, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must provide your own equipment, acceptability to be determined by the RangeMaster
  • You must demonstrate to the Range Master that you can shoot safely
  • Costume appropriate for the period 900-1600 required (must not interfere with your ability to shoot safely)
  • Archers 18 and younger must have a parent on site to approve the activity.'


  • Arrows
  • English style Longbows are preferred, but all traditional style bows are allowed. This includes English style Longbows, Flatbows, and American style Longbows
  • No modern compound bows, recurve bows, modern laminants, or modern accessories
  • No bow shall display ranging marks on the limbs or riser
  • No crossbows, footbows, horse bows or ballista
  • Arrows must be wooden shafted and feather fletched
  • Field, bullet, or target heads. No broadheads allowed. Type 7, 8, or 9 bodkin points may be used, but any arrowheads left in the target backing become the property of the Archers of Ravenwood
  • All guest shooters MUST have their equipment checked by the Range Master for safety prior to the beginning of the contest.


15th C. Archers

  • This contest will be conducted on a historical model and shot into wreaths and wands
  • For the purposes of this contest, 6 arrows make an 'end'. 8 ends of 6 arrows each must be counted in the wreath
  • Top 10 total scores shall compete in the final
  • The final will be wand and wreath
  • The finalists will shoot 1 end against wand only

Information and registration

Pre-registration is preferred but not required. Contact Dan Bozarth at if you have questions or would like to sign up for the Ravenwood Historical Archery Competition.