[WES] Midsummer Feast

Our Barony will be celebrating our Midsummer Feast on Saturday, August 6th. There will also be contests for our next Baronial Rapier Champion and for the Bard of Fett Burg. 

The Feast will be a delicious one, fixed by Anna Serra and her talented apprentices, with Wolfric Hammerfest roasting pork for the Second course.

Rapier Championship tourney starts at 1 p.m., and the Bard competition will be held during the feasting, which starts at 6 p.m.  There will be several collegiums during the afternoon.  Feast cost is $14 Members / $19 Non-Members.

For those of you still considering coming to the August feast, here's the meal to tempt you with:

Appetizers on Table - Fine Wheat Bread; Figs; Tapenade
Soup Course Barley Bread; Sausage Soup; Garam Garnish
Act 2 Forest Roast Pork; Cherry Compote ; Roasted Vegetables; Mushroom Barley Pilaf
Act 3 Faeries and Farce Stuffed Chicken And Duck; Stuffed Dormouse ; Pickled Vegetables; Salad
Conclusion Dessert Honey Moon Cheesecake; Fruit Compote

Sound good?  Contact Raven or Sir Zaid for ticket information.