SCA Memberships and Pennsic

The SCA Membership Office encourages members planning to attend Pennsic War XL to check their membership card expiration dates before arriving at the War.

Dear SCA members:

If you are going to the Pennsic War this year, please take a moment NOW to make sure your memberships are valid and that you have a current membership card or proof-of-membership letter.

If you cannot locate your card (or it has not arrived in the mail yet) and you last renewed on-line, you can print a proof of membership letter from the Online Membership Service (link below) by clicking the "Reprint proof of membership" button and entering your membership transaction ID (be sure to include the "US" or "IN" prefix), or your name and zip/postal code. If you renewed by fax or mail, the on-line system will not have your membership record, so please call the Member Services Office about getting a replacement membership card (800-789-7486, open Monday through Thursday, 9 am-4 pm U.S. Pacific Time).

As with any online system, there are occasional glitches. The SCA Webfolk and the Member Services Office are happy to help you resolve any problems and get you a valid proof of membership, but it may take a few days to do so.

The sooner you find out about a problem, the sooner we can help you. The SCA Webfolk will be attending Pennsic, so please check your membership before the war starts on July 29!

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