Getting Medieval, Trucker Style

Pilot Challenge, a magazine aimed at truckers and other professional drivers, has just published an article introducing their customers to the SCA and Pennsic. The magazine is from the company owning the Pilot gas station and convenience store located near the site of Pennsic War.

The Pilot gas station and adjacent McDonalds restaurant have a brilliantly floodlit sign that has become known to Pennsic attendees as the "Eye of Sauron," but while some decry the modern light source others are grateful for the nearby services offered by the business. This Pilot store, like others, is frequented by truck drivers taking a break or refueling (trucks or selves) as they pass by on Interstate 79. Joseph Gerard, a writer for Pilot Challenge, interviewed Mistress Jacquetta (mka Lynn Shaftic-Averill), this year's Media Liaison for Pennsic War, to research the story.