Dancers invited to Festa della Assunzione at Pennsic War

Countess Judith de Northumbria invites Pennsic War XL attendees to attend Festa della Assunzione on August 11, 2011 at 9:00 p.m. in the Dance Pavilion.

Her Excellency writes:

Upon Thursday, the 11th of August, Judith, Countess of the House of Drachenwald, invites all to celebrate the Feast of Assumption with revelry in the style of the courts of the Sforzas, Valois, and Lancasters. Music for dancing shall be provided by the ensemble known as Musica sine Nomine, and the gaming tables shall be open. Allow all of your senses to be satisfied! Festivities shall begin around the ninth hour, with food and beverage for all! Music will be provided by the ensemble known as Musica sine Nomine.
Even if you do not dance, come and enjoy a great party in a medieval-esque atmosphere.
Dances to include:

  • Leoncello
  • Petite Rose
  • Anella
  • Gelosia
  • Rostiboli
  • Fia Guilemina
  • Saltarello
  • Piva
  • Chirintina
  • Amoroso
  • Marchesana
  • Vito di Cholino
  • Amours (basse danse)
  • Danse de Cleves
  • Lauro
  • Gioliva (bassa danza music in 23 bars)
  • Cupido (ditto)
  • Gratioso
  • Pizochara
  • Colonesse
  • Lybens Dysonis
  • Petits Vriens