Pennsic XL Skate Up

Mana Borisova Tchekrygina is seeking a few good skaters for a Pennsic XL skate up to take place offsite during the War.

Meliora di Greco of the Three Swans Inn writes:

Hello all! I belong to a tight knit community that others don't quite understand, and it's connected me with friends all over the country. No, not the SCA, roller derby! I am in touch with friends who skate in leagues in Aethelmarc and the Midrealm, and we want to put together a Pennsic XL skate up! There are several rinks fairly close by Cooper's Lake, and we hope to put together a group to go to one of them.

We're looking to get an idea of how many people would be interested. It will be during War Week, at a time dependent on when the rink is available. Please reply to me, jvfriedman at gmail dot com off-list. If you know someone in another barony or kingdom who skates and will be attending Pennsic XL, please pass this on to them.

Thank you so much!

YIS, Meliora di Greco of the Three Swans Inn
RDKA Sonic Slamdriver #63
MKA Jill Friedman