[WES] Cooking Workshop

Our next cooking workshop is this coming Saturday, July 23, 2011. It will be at our house--3806 Williams Road, San Jose--and start at 2:00.

When you arrive we give you a stack of period recipes, you pick one and spend the afternoon making it. We provide recipes, ingredients and advice. When anything is finished everyone tries it, we make comments for next time and add them to the copy of the recipe on the computer. It's not in garb, generally casual. If you show up at 3:00 instead of 2:00 it isn't a problem. We've never yet had to send out for pizza. Let us know if there are any particular sorts of food or times and places of origin you are looking for--no guarantees, but we can try.

We need to know who is coming by Friday at the latest, so we know how many recipes to buy the ingredients for. You can tell us by email. My current email has some problems, so please also send a copy to my backup email address:


All levels of experience are welcome. No charge. If you want to take the opportunity to research some particular period cuisine while you are here, we have a lot of source materials.