[ATE] Ren Man/Woman

The time has come for all ye rogues, pirates, privateers and to their counterparts of the academy and great schools of defense to rise and answer the call of the premier indoor Rapier event in the kingdom.

Renaissance Man/Woman time is now upon us. Political games, dancing, and a sea faring bardic competition frame the day with things to do for young and old. A rapier tourney where the entrants will all have to declare as either Seaman or Academy and fight against those who wish to oppress their style, grace, and camaraderie. In grace shall all be judged and in the end make your mark upon the sea and this warm and gracious land of SunDragon.

Every paid member may enter one or all competitions. A champion may stand in your stead for a single competition if you are competing for Ren Man. So the challenge goes out to all the baronies of the glorious kingdom.  Send us your men and women of the Renaissance and see who will survive the day to be one among few, Renaissance Man/Woman of A.S 45.

Event Date - Saturday, August 13, 2011. The location is the Apostle's Lutheran Church 7020 W Cactus Road, Peoria AZ 85381.  Directions in general-take your best route to I17 north bound to the Cactus exit and head west.  Church is just past the crossroads of 67th Avenue and Cactus.

Site opens at 10 am and continues until 5:30, court is at their Excellencies prerogative while competitions will run all day long. Please bring your own lunch; there will be maps of local expeditious food establishments. Site fee is $10 for members, $15 for non members, youth 17 and under free. The site is dry. Smoking permitted 50 feet from entrance. No pets are permitted. Leave the monkey and parrot at home.

If any further information is needed please contact autocrat-Lady Octavia Galliard at rebriney@cox.net  or site autocrat Master Michael of Worchester (information).