[ATE] Masquerade Murders

Venice.  A city that evokes a rich tapestry of romance, good food, festive music, and deep international intrigue... 

It is the honor of Ricardo de Note (Master Ritchyrd McUath), a visiting merchant, to cordially invite one and all to a splendid evening of feast and entertainment in a Masquerade Ball being held to celebrate the glorious anniversary of the noble Barony of Atenveldt.

Your host for the evening would request that foreign dignitaries feel comfortable to dress according to their customs, but would encourage one and all to wear a costume suitable for a true Venetian Masquerade.  Masks will be provide for guests who are in need of the addition to their costume and there will be decorations available to personalize such accessories.  But, as there will be a competition with prizes for the most creative and most heraldic masks at the event, guests are also encouraged to make and bring their own.

There will be a pot luck feast, music and dancing on hand for your enjoyment.  The ever graceful, Lord and Lady of Love will also be looking for lovely couples to compete for the title.

Your host looks forward to welcoming you to the festivities between 10am and 6pm on September 17, 2011.

... But beware as the celebrations commence.  There are dark deeds afoot.  As a good and noble citizen, please keep a wary eye open as those in your midst could be in the middle of a conspiracy most foul.  But, are all of the rumors floating around true?  When blood runs and bodies drop, it will be up to the guests keen deductions to guess at who is to blame.  And for those with an investigators nose, there may be clues in your surroundings to help you find the answers. 

As the waning moon creeps out for the evening, all will come to be known.  Prizes will be awarded to the person who follows the mysterious clues to completion first, and to a person who accurately deduces the guilty parties and motives of the evenings unfortunate events. The mystery will begin at 11am, all speculations must be submitted by 4:30pm.

Adult member fees will be $7, non-members are $12, children 17 and under are free.

The site is at the Boys and Girls Club at 4730 W. Grovers Ave. Glendale, AZ 85308.

Event Coordinators:
Master Ritchyrd McUath  Email: saile_weep@hotmail.com
Lady Safaya bint Ahmet ibn Abdullah Email: ladysafaya@yahoo.com
Dame Jennifer Trethewy Email: jennifertrethewy@gmail.com