List scribes needed for Pennsic 40

THL Dirk Edward of Frisia reports that volunteers are needed to help with paperwork at Marshals' Point for the upcoming Pennsic War 40.

His Lordship writes:


Here we are, coming to Pennsic 40 - it sure has changed a lot over the years!

One of the things that has gotten more complex is the inspection of fighters, armor and weaponry at Marshals point. That is why I am writing this short letter to inform folks of the opportunity to help make this large task much easier.

One of the areas in which you can be helpful is by acting as a SCRIBE - Someone to handle paperwork at Marshals point. Every fighter that comes to the field is inspected and logged in. It's a big job, and the dedicated Marshals and Clerks of the Roster who have done this for years are a great bunch of people, but they could use your help.

A Scribe does not do inspections - the Marshals do that, but scribes speed up the processing of every combatant on the field. Scribes are particularly helpful at Combat Archery where each individual bow and each piece of ammunition has to be inspected. While the Marshal can get on to the job of inspection, you can be helping them in this large task by handling paperwork for the Marshal.The most pressing times for volunteers is at the end of the first week of the war and the middle weekend of the war where we inspect everyone before battles begin. The hours for Combat Archery are likely to be 9-2 daily but any changes in hours will be posted outside the Inspection Point as early as possible and super cede the hours posted in the Pennsic Booklet. Bring a chair, a bottle of water, and a hat. This is not a dull job because food and drinks are often supplied, and we do take breaks for ice cream when we can.

Any person who wants to learn more about Combat Archery, Siege Combat or the entire combat inspection process can come and help. Any Marshal or Marshal in Training from any Kingdom who wants to learn more about Combat Archery and Siege would be more than welcome to join in. On the job training is provided, and you will get to meet some highly experienced and knowledgeable people from all over the SCA Known World.

Even if you do not volunteer as a Scribe, please remember that without Volunteers Pennsic would not be able to function as an event. Every person who spends a little time volunteering at Pennsic is providing valuable service to the SCA as a whole. There are plenty of opportunities to help. You will meet new people, make new friends, and make it possible for everyone to have a good time, including yourself.

Please do your part and volunteer to help.

Thanks for your attention!

THL Dirk Edward of Frisia
A Pennsic Volunteer since 1979