[WES] Rivenoak Championship

I wish to invite all of you to Twain California on September 9-11, 2011 and help our newly suckered....er....elected Baron and Baroness of Rivenoak in their first ever Championship. (Which by the way will be a whole 3 weeks after they step up)

So in celebration we've procured the town of Twain for your late summer enjoyment. Nestled in the Feather River Canyon, just a mere 14 miles west of Quincy (you are going to pass it on your way to Purgatorio so stop in, say "hi" to the folks at the General Store and look at where we are going to camp just 3 weeks later). The spacious areas to camp in with plenty of shade for everyone is just a short walk to the town or the Feather River.

Lots of ample space for the merchants row and yes you too get shade. The Twain General Store is there as you drive in for your refreshment and basic needs. The owners of the store have asked to please call them by August 15th and they will order whatever beer or soda you would like and they will try to have it on hand.

Games? How about this one?
Rapier and Heavy Fighters of the glorious Kingdom of the West. Come for YOUR personal search for the "WHOLEY GRAIL". Follow the path of "Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table". With your trusty steed (volunteers with coconut shells) you and your companions (heavy, rapier, youth) complete quest tasks, (sometimes with the help??? of a Bard or two) Answer questions (brush up on West Kingdom and Rivenoak lore) and fight challengers (single sword combat) along your search of the "WHOLEY GRAIL".