[LOC] Innilgard Cut and Thrust Tournament

Time to try our skill at Cut and Thrust fencing. The Innilgard Cut and Thrust Tournament will be held on 18th September, 2011.

Time: 10.30 lists open. Tournament commencing approx. 11am
Site:  Training ground (Girl Guides Hall) Brand St Beulah Park

Format: The tournament will be a round robin best of three. Individuals can use any SCA legal C&T equipment. The top two combatants will fight a best of 5 final in which they will be required to use at least two different SCA C&T legal weapon's combinations.

Combatants and others are encouraged to bring along a banner or other heraldic display.

Should be fun. Bring your lunch and enjoy the crash and spectacle.

*Event Details*
Event Date :   18/9/2011
Group Hosting Event :   Innilgard
Event Name :   Innilgard Cut and Thrust Tournament
Event Time :   10.30 am
Event Site :   Girl Guides Hall Brand St, Beulah Park SA 5067 AU

*Steward Details*
Steward SCA Name :   William Blackwood
Stewards email :kenner@internode.on.net