[ART] Harvest War XXII

Harvest War XXII - September 15-18, 2011

The Event Steward for Harvest War XXII is Lady Cathryn Ann of Newberry. If you are interested in volunteering for any other position, please contact her or the Seneschal of Cote du Ciel.

Site: Box Elder Campground, Mantua, UT 84324
Site Opens: 4 pm on Thursday, 15 September 2011

This year we will be host to the Kingdom Archery and Thrown Weapons Tournaments. This is a great honour for our Shire and we will need volunteers to help with this also. Please contact Lord Màtè Czygan, the current Kingdom Thrown Weapons Champion, for more information or to volunteer.

We are planning a Fighter Breakfast for Saturday morning. Lord Màtè is coordinating it, so please contact him for more information or to volunteer. Sir Bart will be coordinating the Wench Races again.

Lord Aslak the Awful will be running the Golden Zuchini Bardic competition. THL Heather will be scheduling the A & S classes. Lady Hallerna will be coordinating Youth Activities. Please contact them for more information.

Site Fees
Fee Structure    Ages    Cost
Adult - Camp/Wknd    18 yrs & up    $18
Adult - Day Trip    18 yrs & up    $12
Youth - Camp/Wknd    12-17    $14
Youth - Day Trip    12-17    $8
Child - Camp/Wknd    6-11    $8
Child - Day Trip    6-11    $4
Children under 6        Free
Family Cap - Camp/Wknd    2 adults & their minor dependents    $60
NMS per Person Ages 16+    Not included in the family cap    $5
Please make checks payable to Shire of Cote du Ciel, SCA Inc.