Tis time our dear friends to relax and let go and to put up your feet and bask in the glow. Mother Nature in her due time has carved a wonderful scene, that this shire, dear friends, would be remiss to not let her work gleam. We invite you dear friends and traveling kin to come see the glory of the event Hearthwarming brings.

Therefore, come one come all and put up your feet, and join us again for food and retreat. For the water is cool and the camping is grand. There will be fight fun for both heavy and light, and in the midst an arrows flight. Weapons of various kinds to be thrown and make this a good time to learn and hone. There will be gaming as the night falls around, and torch light with boffers for what joy to be found.

So come my friend and join us here, there be camping and singing for stories to share. Though, the revel shall only be Friday through Sunday by noon's light. Camping is cheap a $15 for these nights or only one day of this run $8 will bring the day a good one.

Autocrat: Lord Svein inn fri Email at svein_the_wise(at)hotmail(dot)com
Co-Autocrat: HE Cecilia de Firenze Email at bcecilia(at)mac(dot)com 

Niagara Springs State Park
2136 Niagra Springs Rd
Wendell, ID 83355