[ART] Baron's War

The fields and flocks have flourished under the everlasting friendship that has been forged between the Baronies. But alas, with this abundance, a new conflict has arisen.

The bounty has lasted throughout the long winter and, as the fields and flocks spring forth with promises of continued bounty, something new has sprung forth:  rumors; horrible, slanderous words concerning the quality of our cooks. The Barons have heard rumorsconcerning the quality of their cooks. Either Baron denies any negative statements but maintains they have the best cooks.

Thus, WAR has been declared. 

Come join as the Baronies gather in grand tournament style to demonstrate their cooking quality, heavy fighting, archery, thrown weapons, youth activities, and more. Cooks, come show your quality! 


Event Steward - Lady Gwynnyth - ladygwynnyth@aol.com
Co Steward - Lord Takeyama - keeperoftheowl@hotmail.com? (Marshall Activities)
Merchant Coordinator:  Maida Mairi Mair  norsmaiden@yahoo.com

Site:  Mount Ogden Archery Range - Stoddard, UT

Directions:  Address is approximately 1257 West Old Highway Rd in Morgan UT; Take your best route to I-84 in South Weber, Utah.  From I-84 take exit 96 (Peterson/Stoddard).  Follow the signs toward Stoddard.  From the West, turn left, then at the 'T', turn right.  About a mile down the road you will see the range on your right.  Turn right at the Mount Ogden Archery gate. There will be SCA signs.

Site opens Friday July 22 at 2 pm, and closes Monday July 25 at 12 noon