[ART] Hellsgate Tournament

Once again it comes time to stand forth united against the dreaded heat of July! Yes, it's that time of year again — Hellsgate approaches!

Why on earth would you stand forth with us brave few and declare to the heat that it shall not defeat us? Because once again we shall have handy tools from the mists of legend to combat it – namely the Known World's only known Dual Slip and Slides and the wet rock battles! For those wishing to watch the carnage but also remain cool, there will be an ice cream social, that you may to stand with us and help lick the heat! Funds generated from the social will go towards eventually purchasing the Barony a new pavilion.

But not all activities will be blessed with the coolness of water, for the heat must also have it's due! For those times we will have our Archery Championship, the Baron's Archery Trick Shoot Competition, and a full course of roasting under the sun in both rapier and armored equipment! Can you keep your cool long enough to defeat your foes? Come and find out!

The schedule:
To spare our archers and fighters the worst of the heat, the archery competitions shall take place starting at 10am and shall end as close to 1pm as possible, starting with the Championship. The range will open at 9am. Archers should be on site, signed up, and shooting practice rounds by 9:30am.

We will then take a break mid-day to beat the heat with the water activities, and have time for a dinner break. That evening around 6:30pm we will have a short court and then pick up with rapier and armored fighting starting at 7pm that we might enjoy fighting in the dusk. We will also do a glow-stick clout shoot after dark! (let the fireworks begin!)

Pray heed! With all the snow we were blessed with this winter, the bugs shall likely be vicious, so bring what you need to shield yourself and vanquish them!

Fees: Site $8 Adults, $4 ages 5-15
Feast: None, but cooking on site permitted & restaurants are close by.
Camping: Yes
Firepits: Two central ones only.
Pets: no
Water: Yes
Site is Wet after dusk.
Shade: Some, but not a lot, it will be hot!
Smoking in designated areas only.
Handicap Accessible: Mostly

Activities: Archery Championship, Fun Archery Shoots, Rapier, Armored, the only Slip-n-Slide in the Known World, Water Battles, Ice cream Social, & more!

We will also be holding a polling of confidence to determine whether to allow Baron Antoine to serve one more year as The Barony of Sentinels’ Keep Territorial Baron.

Site:  Fort Missoula - Missoula, MT

Site opens Friday at 6pm and closes by Sunday at 11am. We must be off site Sunday at noon.

Site will once again be held at Fort Missoula; although this time we will be camping on the lush green lawns of the museum itself.

Take best route to Missoula, MT

    * Take Exit 101 off of Interstate 90, head south on Reserve Street south toward Hamilton.
    * After 4.6 miles turn Right on South Avenue.
    * In 0.8 Miles turn left on CCC rd/Guardsman Ln.
    * Welcome to Hell’s Gate

Signs will be posted.

Contact the Autocrats for further Information:
Lady Onóra inghean uí Áodha

Baron Antoine de Bueil