[MID] Comfort Zone: A Bardic Revel

Next! FilkStorm! September 10, 2011

Location: 401 Skylane Drive, Northfield Center, Oh 44067-2619

Time: 6pm until the fire goes out.

Not-o-crat:  Hazel the Carpenter's Wife - (330)468-2523

Dress: Garb.

Cost: None.  Donations will be welcome.

Dinner: Potluck. Your host will provide baked potatoes, with toppings selections:  Cheddar cheese, broccoli, bacon, chili (both veggie and meaty) and, perhaps, chopped onions.  Cold (Cleveland) water will be available.  Bring a soft drink for yourself (the site is dry) and a side dish or dessert to share.

If the weather suits, we will have a fire bowl, marshmallows and sticks.
If the weather suits and you are able, please bring an outdoor chair, as we don't have quite enough.

Competition / Challenge: FilkStorm! We're always so "Let's Be Period" at Comfort Zones. Lighten up! After the social hour, we'll have some structured and unstructured time where we'll work on filks; and afterwards, we'll perform them. Remember, although the Comfort Crow will be awarded to a champion (decided by populace vote), this is really a challenge to yourself, to get you to stretch your limits.

As always, there will be open bardic time after the official end of the challenge.


401 Skylane Drive, Northfield Center, Oh 44067-2619; (330)468-2523

Ohio DOT has completely rebuilt the Rt-8, I-271 interchange, so if you're using a GPS, if it's data hasn't been updated in 2011, please read and follow these directions:

Take your most best route to I-271 or Rt-8.  We are south of I-480, and north of the turnpike.

If heading North on Rt-8,  stay on Rt-8, and turn left at the first traffic light, (Bob Evans sits on Left, BP on right of intersection). This will put you on Highland Rd, westbound.

If heading North on I-271, Take the Rt-8  exit. When you get off the ramp, turn RIGHT, which will head you south on Rt-8.  Then, at the next intersection, the one with Bob Evans and BP, turn Right.  This will take you on to Highland Rd, Westbound.

If heading South on I-271, take the Rt-8 NORTH exit. Twist the very tightest right you may so that you merge onto Rt-8 in a southernly direction.
(DO NOT TAKE the Route 8 South exit on I-271... you'll fly right by where you need to go)   At the second intersection (with Bob Evans and BP), turn RIGHT.  This will take you onto Highland Rd, Westbound.

Now... everyone is heading the same direction, west on Highland.
At the intersection, turn RIGHT.  Dash under I-271, and immediately turn LEFT. (Well, don't pull into the road department, or Csik's driveway, please take the street immediately before bright yellow building. People miss this turn. Please take care.)

Turn RIGHT onto PLEASANTVIEW.  Pleasantview is conveniently marked with a big yellow "Intersection Warning" sign with a big black +. Turn right in front of the sign. (If you get to the blinker, too far, too far.)

At the Y EASE LEFT onto SKYLANE and slow down. (This comes up fast, too)

Our house is on the left, immediately before the line of pine trees. It's the 2nd house after the intersection. The mailbox is clearly labeled 401, unless you go to far, and turn around, in which case, the mailbox is less helpfully labeled 400. 

When returning home, if you need I-271 North, reverse directions to get to Highland, but at the Bob Evans, get in the far right lane, turn South on Rt-8, stay far right and you'll already be on the entrance ramp to I-271 N.

For I-271 South, head North (Left) on Rt-8,  You'll find the ramp as a left turn at the next intersection.  It's clearly marked.