Young SCAdian Dies in Train Accident

The Columbian: Ashley M. Falk, a seventh-grader and SCA member from the Kingdom of An Tir, was fatally injured in an accident at a railroad bridge on Monday evening. SCAdian Ashley M. Falk, a seventh-grader from Ridgefield, Washington, was fatally injured when her 30-year-old neighbor, Arin M. Kight, took her and four other children for a walk across a railroad bridge on the way to a swim and barbecue on the river for Memorial Day. Kight was also killed in the accident.

Mr. Kight's seven-year-old son, Matt Thompson, remains in critical condition at a Portland hospital; the two other children were treated at area hospitals and released.

The bridge, which is over 800 feet long, is clearly marked as dangerous and a no-trespassing area. Unfortunately, pedestrians often disregard the signs, and two others have been killed at this bridge in the past twenty years.

Ashley's grandmother, Meri Falk of Portland, known in the SCA as Meri of the Bears, told reporters that her granddaughter was a page, and was learning first aid with plans to become a Chirurgeon. "She was always happy and full of joy," her grandmother said. "She would spread it to everybody, anybody, even a total stranger, and they would bind to her. She had a kind of magic to her that people just couldn't resist."

A service for Ashley is planned for 1 p.m. Saturday at Mount Scott Funeral Home in Portland. In addition, friends of the family have set up an account for funeral expense at Ridgefield Community Credit Union, 360-887-4876.

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