Saint Sebastian's Prize shoot at Pennsic 40

The Honorable Lady Lorelei Greenleafe reports that the Kingdom of Atlantia will sponsor the Saint Sebastian's Prize archery shoot on the middle Sunday of Pennsic 40.

Her Ladyship writes:

Atlantia is VERY proud to sponsor the first annual Saint Sebastian's Prize shoot on the middle Sunday at Pennsic this year.  It is the first Novelty shoot of it's kind at Pennsic and promises to be very entertaining!  Atlantian archers have been working hard creating targets, prizes and organizing the details of the shoot.  Please stay tuned for additional information. The Honorable Lord Janyn Fletcher with be the MiC for this day-long event.

Archer related classes:  I'll be teaching two classes "Creating Great Archery Shoots at Events" and "Archery for Kids."  Master Archer Bear Horseman of Rockbridge will teach an arrow making class and one on making Flemish Strings for your bow and Lady Katarzyna Witkowska will teach the History of the Longbow. Details can be found online.

General Pennsic Archery details can also be found on the Pennsic 40 website.

Also check the range for additional novelty shoots sponsored by individual Atlantians. I know The Honorable Lord Godai Katsunaga is planning a prize shoot one evening and others may be as well.

Please contact me off list if you have any questions.

My thanks to you.

In service to the archery community and the great Kingdom of Atlantia,
The Honorable Lady Lorelei Greenleafe
Target Archery DEM, Atlantia